Online Zoom Forum: Community in the Twenty-first Century:
Spiritual, Social, and Policy Perspectives.


Date: Wednesday 1 March 2023.
Time: 7pm-9pm (UK time).

Event Description:

Format: There will be five talks, each of 10 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion among the speakers, the chair, and the audience, followed by Q & A.

Chair: Lilian Helen Brzoska:

Bio: Lilian is a hybrid Scot. She had a Polish father and a native Scottish mother. Her Roman Catholic upbringing, in a happy European Scots family, in Stirling, grounded her in Care for Others in a World-with Community. Seeking truth, her exploration of Comparative Religions while working on her emotional and creative fields, through Co-counselling International, led her through Jung and Buddhism to the Findhorn Foundation and thence to the Theosophical Society in Scotland. She is a founder member of Fife Writes, a B.A., qualified teacher of The Arts and a lover of our vibrant Standing Stone Circles.


Dr Marilyn Hamilton:

Title: Connecting Integrally to Community in the Twenty-first Century:
Spiritual, Social, and Policy Perspectives

Description: We have always believed “If you want to improve the health of a system connect it to more of itself.” This session will disclose the infinite but strategic ways you can nurture communities in the 21st century to connect to more of themselves.

Connecting Communities has been central to the evolutionary impulses that created Integral City Meshworks and is now growing Living Cities: Earth.

From the start we defined community as “a journey to wholeness for a group of people.”

In the last 2 decades our research has explored how to serve and influence communities of interest, communities of culture, communities of living, and communities of practice - online, in ecovillages and in cities and their ecoregions.

Spiritually our community emerges from what we call Gaia’s Code of Care. We will share examples from Findhorn Ecovillage.

Socially our community arises from the interconnection of All for All represented in our GPS. We will share examples from Integral City Meshworks Community of Practice.

Politically our community is a fractal of all the connections that arise from all 4 quadrants of Integral City and traced on our 5 Maps. We will share examples from the quantum, feminine intelligences of Integral Politics.

Bio: Dr Marilyn Hamilton is Founder of Integral City Meshworks and co-founder of Living Cities.Earth. She is the author of the Integral City Book Series and Tales of the CROFT Regenerators Novella series. She is co-designer of the course Cities Rising for Regenerative World & curator of Urban Hub 20, City Change in a VUCA World (English and Spanish). Marilyn serves cities and ecoregions as Gaia’s Reflective Organs. Inspired by the Gaia Code of Care for Self, Others, Place and Planet, she is co-designer of the Master of Regenerative Action degree. She is or was CEO, COO, CFO and CIO in the private & Not-for-Profit sectors. She is an Evolutionary Leader, a researcher and a member of the Integral Europe Academic Consortium and Global Accreditation Council and is a Findhorn Fellow. She has served as Fellow for Urban Arena Europe Fellow and Ambassador for World Unity Week. Marilyn lives in Findhorn Ecovillage Scotland (where she returned to the land of her ancestors from British Columbia, Canada in 2018).

Gill Lowing:

Title: Work as Love in Action - Erraid, a Spiritual Community of the Findhorn Foundation.

Description: Erraid is part of the Findhorn Foundation, a large spiritual community and charity based in Moray, Scotland. Residents of Erraid are the custodians of the island, and offer opportunities for guests to experience community life, the beauty of a wild island, and the spiritual practices offered. All those involved seek to live the Findhorn principles of inner listening, work as love in action, and co-creation with nature.

Gill will provide an overview of the spiritual aspects of life on the island and the unique opportunities it provides for guests and members alike.

Bio: Gill Lowing has been a resident and member of the Erraid community for the last three years. She has held responsibility for a number of work areas, including the oversight role of Island Focaliser, in this intentional, spiritual community located on the Isle of Erraid off the west coast of Mull.

Gill has hosted and supported guests to the island, alongside the other members, and has involved them in the work of the community, led guided meditations, and has maintained the rhythm of life in this small community that provides a container for everyone's contributions. She has also been responsible for the fruit and vegetable gardens, bread making, holding Celtic Festival ceremonies and managing the finances.

Gill is leaving the community very soon to undertake a pilgrimage walk through rural France and hopes to set up a retreat house of her own in the future.

Laura Bilton:

Title: What Sustains You: Connection, Peace, and Stillness for an Autistic ADHD-er.

Description: To achieve change, it is important to know what part you can play in a movement, and connect to others who want the same as you. However, it takes time and reflection to gain clarity on these ideas.

Finding the space for connection, peace and stillness is important for any changemaker, but what about those of us whose brains work differently? Clarity, rest and emotional sustenance can be difficult things to achieve for autistic people, ADHD-ers, and anyone who is Neurodivergent. However, they are vital for all activists.

Trying the same techniques as neurotypical people might not work, and frustrations about lack of progress may mean that you end up isolated and disillusioned.

In this talk, we aim to examine some barriers that autistic and ADHD-ers may face in finding spaces for reflection, and some ways we can support ourselves and others.

Bio: Laura Bilton is an anti-racism activist with experience in Violence against Women and Girls, Disability and Youth Work. With heritage from Kenya and Scotland, Laura has been active against racism for more than 25 years in the media of dance, music, poetry and community organising. A mother of two and Union Equality rep, Laura is co-founder of Scottish Ethnic Minority Autistics (SEMA). Laura has worked with disabled people for 9 years, and it was through this work that led to her own autism and ADHD diagnoses at the age of 39.


Title: Integrating Timeless Principles in Modern Times.

Description: The talk will be centered around principles of ancient knowledge as given in Isopanishad and Bhagavan Gita, how they remain relevant throughout changing times, and how we can apply them today.

Bio: Prana was born in Glasgow in 1963. He became a monk of the Vaisnava tradition in 1983 at age 20. Following his training he returned to Scotland on 1986 along with 2 other monks, with the view to establish a community based on the spiritual teachings of Bhagavad Gita. He is President and Director of ISKCON Scotland, the Hare Krishna community based in Lesmahagow. That community, known as Karuna Bhavan has a temple, guest facilities and an eco farm. There are currently over 50 residents there locally and hundreds throughout Scotland. ISKCON runs various well being initiatives such as Food for Scotland, kirtan yoga, and a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Kasia Raszewska:

Bio: Manager, Lothlorien Therapeutic Community, Rokpa Trust. Lothlorien is a Buddhist inspired horticultural therapeutic community for people with mental health problems.


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Community in the Twenty-first Century



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